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Engaging Photoshoot & Social Ads for Discreet ED and Hair Loss Solutions

Our agency collaborated with Numan, a men's health startup specialising in ED (erectile dysfunction) treatment and hair loss solutions, for a comprehensive two-part project that included both studio photography and a social ad campaign.

In the first part of the project, we hired two models - a couple - to showcase the discreet packaging and delivery process of Numan's products. The video ad concept was filmed and produced using natural light, emphasising the authentic and relatable aspect of the brand. The images and videos created were primarily used for web landing pages, effectively promoting Numan's commitment to discretion and privacy.

The second part of the project involved a studio-style photoshoot and video ad concept, where we once again worked with the couple to capture captivating visuals. These images and videos highlighted Numan's men's health solutions, including ED treatment and hair loss products, and were also used for web landing pages. The content showcased the discreet packaging order and delivery process, reinforcing the brand's dedication to confidentiality.

Our agency delivered a range of high-quality visuals, including photographs and video ads, that effectively promoted Numan's men's health products and emphasised the company's focus on discreet delivery and customer satisfaction.