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Fomo Pillow Launch: Aeyla's Vibrant Social Ads

Our agency teamed up with Aeyla, the sleep and stress experts, for an exciting project to launch their new pillow product, Fomo. This collaboration involved working with Method Studio at North Greenwich O2, focusing on creating vibrant and engaging social ads for Aeyla's premium bedding solutions, including eucalyptus fabric bedding, weighted blankets, and the innovative Fomo pillow.

In this project, we concentrated on filming studio concepts against company color backdrops to further emphasize Aeyla's brand identity. Our skilled videographers, along with the talented team at Method Studio, worked together to capture eye-catching visuals that showcased the comfort, stress-relief benefits, and unique features of Aeyla's products, particularly the Fomo pillow.

By combining our expertise in video production with Method Studio's state-of-the-art facilities, we delivered compelling and high-quality social ads that effectively promoted Aeyla's sleep solutions and successfully launched the Fomo pillow. This collaboration highlights our agency's adaptability and commitment to driving results through strategic partnerships and creative video content.