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Captivating Social Ads for Stress-Relief Bedding

Our agency collaborated with Aeyla, sleep experts specialising in eucalyptus fabric bedding and weighted blankets, for a two-day social advertisement content shoot at a luxurious house in central London. Our team of professional videographers joined forces with set designers, makeup artists, wardrobe specialists, and producers to capture multiple ad concepts showcasing Aeyla's premium products.

One unique challenge we faced was working alongside another team of photographers while focusing on video production. However, our skilled team successfully coordinated efforts to ensure both photography and videography proceeded smoothly and without interference.

A key aspect of this project was filming most of the content using natural light to create an authentic and visually striking ambiance. Our experienced videographers demonstrated their expertise in capturing the perfect shots, highlighting Aeyla's high-quality bedding and weighted blankets while emphasising their sleep and stress relief benefits.

Through teamwork, adaptability, and creative vision, our agency delivered engaging and high-quality social advertisement content for Aeyla, showcasing our commitment to client satisfaction and excellence in video production.