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15 Engaging Motion Ads for Online Pharmacy

Our agency, led by Alex Zaj and supported by a talented team, worked on a photography and stop-motion project for Numan, a men's health startup offering ED (erectile dysfunction) treatment and hair loss solutions. The goal was to create 15 different 15-second motion ads for introducing the brand to new audiences, highlighting the advantages of using an online pharmacy, and showcasing the discreet delivery process with a touch of humour.

The project combined studio photography and on-location lifestyle shots to produce engaging social ad campaigns for A/B testing. The visuals effectively emphasised Numan's dedication to providing men with easy-to-access health treatments while ensuring privacy and convenience.

By blending high-quality studio photography with on-location lifestyle images, our team generated a diverse collection of content that appealed to a wide range of audience segments. These eye-catching ads not only featured Numan's ED and hair loss treatments but also illustrated the smooth and discreet delivery process, boosting the brand's reputation as a trustworthy and customer-oriented online pharmacy.

With our expertise in photography and stop-motion, we successfully created appealing social ads that resonated with Numan's target audience, increasing awareness and encouraging more men to turn to their online pharmacy services for their health needs.