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Video Tutorial

At-Home Blood Test Guide: Numan's Comprehensive Video Tutorial

Our team collaborated with Numan, a men's health startup, to create an educational video and high-resolution images for their new at-home blood test product. The primary goal was to provide a comprehensive step-by-step guide on using the blood test kit, from the initial preparation to shipping the sample as quickly as possible to avoid delays. This project aimed to target the male audience who might postpone doctor visits, offering a more convenient and simplified solution from the comfort of their own kitchen.

As one of Numan's main selling products in their online pharmacy, the at-home blood test caters to men's health needs, making it essential to provide clear and accessible instructions. Our team ensured that the video covered all necessary steps in a simple and easy-to-understand manner, encouraging men to prioritise their health and avoid potential complications in the future.

In addition to the instructional video, we also captured high-resolution images of each step to be included in a printed manual that comes with the blood test kit. This comprehensive approach ensured that users would have both visual and written resources to guide them through the process, enhancing the user experience and promoting the success of Numan's at-home blood test product.