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Video Content Localisation

Adapting Social Media & Animations for Global Reach

For the past two years, our studio has worked closely with a global client to adapt social content for 13 EMEA regions, the US, French Canada, and Spanish Mexico. We've focused on localising animations made in After Effects for their new website, user platform, and multiple product launches.

We've partnered with translators and regional managers from each area to make sure we get the right wording and pronunciation, considering the specific language and culture of each target audience.

The content we've worked on comes in different sizes and shapes, like long horizontal ads and shorter square and vertical ads for social media. Our team has carefully adjusted these animations to make sure the message stays clear, interesting, and relevant for every region.

Our dedication to delivering top-notch localized content has helped our client connect with people all around the world, growing their brand and building strong relationships with customers from different backgrounds.