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Stop-motion Campagn

Festive Stop-Motion Campaign: Boosting Christmas Sales

Our team collaborated with Numan's marketing department to create an engaging stop-motion Christmas sales campaign that captured the spirit of the festive season. Working closely with their team, we developed a captivating visual concept that showcased happy Christmas celebrations, resonating with their target audience.

The campaign featured a series of stop-motion videos, effectively demonstrating the benefits of Numan's health-improving products. The products highlighted in the campaign included ED treatment, hair loss treatment, testosterone boosters, and at-home blood test kits.

In addition to the stop-motion videos, our team produced a set of hero images for sales landing pages, each tailored to the specific product offerings. These images were carefully crafted to not only convey the product's value but also to evoke the warmth and joy associated with the holiday season.

Overall, our work on Numan's Christmas sales campaign successfully combined stop-motion animation, hero images, and a festive atmosphere to generate interest and drive sales for their health-focused products during the holiday season.